1. A game where players work together to create collaborative stories using AI narration and GIFs. It’s multiplayer using WebSockets to connect with a group and together craft these stories. I wrote a post about it’s release with more details. Try it out today!

    Our Story Logo

  2. Hofferbar was started during COVID as mostly a joke. The site highlights what beers, coffees, and teas are available in my home bar. Eventually I built up some Google Sheets pages to track availability of the beer selection and built some sorting mechanics.

    The site also featured a Twillio SMS bot that would help you book a reservation under your name and number. This actually works pretty well in a COVID context where a real establishment needs to know who was present in the bar and how to contact them.

    Hofferbar Screenshot

  3. RPG Note Organizer

    Aimed at tabletop roleplaying games, this application takes game notes on characters, places, items, and events and automatically creates links between the referenced items. Items are searchable and new notes will create links to any existing references to the new note. Web application was built using Vue, GraphQL, Node, AWS Lambda, S3, and MongoDB.

  4. Want to compare one endpoints response against another? This is a regression testing tool to compare the resulting JSON from requests to different services. Especially helpful when versioning endpoints or migrating backends to ensure that no data changes unexpectedly. JSON is returned to the user as a graphical difference to be easily scanned. Built with React and used by teams.

    This utility was used by a team in production during a complex data migration.

  5. Valtrack.io

    Want an easy tool to track anything? A responsive website designed to make personal data entry easier. Users create their own forms, enter data, and view their data entries that they can later download as a CSV file. Built with AngularJS, Node, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and S3.

    Project is not ready for production use but is used as a personal tracking app for me daily.

  6. YoRally

    Want an app that will tell you what activites are happening near you? A mobile social media app designed to share and locally participate in winter sports. Developed over the course of 18 months and published to both iOS and Android app stores. The application was built with AngularJS, Cordova, Node JS, and RethinkDB. Our project was featured in a college newspaper, The Argonaut.

    The app featured several major components:

    • User profiles complete with photos, bios, and statuses
    • A chat system for users to communicate with each other
    • Push notifications for a variety of events that would navigate users in the application
    • A forum for users to share and view content
    • A commenting system for users to comment on forum posts
    • Google Maps integration for events where users could see an aggregated view of all events in their area on a given day

    Work stopped on this project in December of 2016. The backend code is available to review on Github.