Complete Clutter #2

December 03, 2016

Migrate to AWS - Make a static website using S3, Cloudfront and Route 53

by Lambros Petrou

If you’ve been following this blog closely you’ll probably remember that recently the CSS dropped out and the whole site basically couldn’t be reached for a short moment. This was because I was transitioning from a S3 hosted static blog to a CloudFront-served S3 static blog. The main reason for this change was to support HTTPS and handle rerouting to HTTPS from HTTP automatically.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find good documentation on this transition but eventually I found it in the form of “Migrate to AWS” by Lambros. It’s an excellent description of getting a simple static site setup in a scalable way using HTTPS as well as factoring in many other considerations.

I’m looking forward to reading more from you in the future Lambros!

Why I hate iOS as a developer

by Pier Bover

I really liked building a mobile app. It was challenging and rewarding with a really cool end result of being published on both app stores. However, I really f***ing hated iOS.

Pier’s article on his struggles much mimic my own of having to deal with running XCode on a Mac with the correct credentials installed and paid for in order to even get a single line of code running on an iPhone. I built a Cordova mobile app and the added complexity of having to interface that output into an XCode generic build was simply awful.

Thanks for sharing the pain Pier!

Spooky iOS Development Support Person

Always rewrite EVERYTHING! - FunFunFunction #20

by Mattias Petter Johansson (MPJ)

One of my long-time favorite Youtubers, MPJ, often talks (rants) about software development and best practices. In this particular video he persuades the viewer to not rewrite programs but instead to refactor. He has a compelling argument based on personal experience that I found refreshing. Some of my projects have grown a bit too sizeable and it’s good to know that completely rewriting them is not an option.

Nice one MPJ!

(PS: He also has a pretty cool channel filled with good learning material and some interesting side projects. I’d recommend checking it out.)

Technology Radar

by ThoughtWorks

The new November 2016 edition of Technology Radar is out! For those of you just tuning in, Technology Rader delivers insights into the trends shaping the technology landscape going into the next half of a year or so. They offer suggestions for adopting or holding off on implementing new Techniques, Platforms, Tools, Languages & Frameworks. I really like how they visually display the technologies, I enjoy reading their thoughts on my favorite tools, and I really like learning about new and interesting tech stuff!

Thanks for all the great links ThoughWorks!

A Rather Peculiar Journey [Slideshow]

by Harry Roberts

This was something I actually just looked through as I finished up this post. Harry was on the podcast ToolsDay where he talked about traveling tools and he shared a link to a recent slidedeck he had presented. It’s a non-technical presentation about living the life of a software developer and the hobbies a developer needs. These hobbies should be contrasting to programming, portable, and enjoyable to the individual. I thought it brought up some interesting things that really motivated me to get out to Colorado this winter for some fun skiing!

Thanks for the words of encouragement Harry!

It’s been a while since the last time I posted some Complete Clutter. I have a backlog of 27 links or so that I’ve been meaning to post so I’m hoping to increase my frequency throughout the rest of the year and into the beginning of 2017.

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