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Simple Setup

Simple Setup: DynamoDB with NodeJS

DynamoDB is a NoSQL Document Key-Value Database hosted by AWS. They offer to serve their database as a scalable cloud solution offloading the work of maintaining a database from developers. DynamoDB also features many integrations with other elements of the AWS stack like triggering Lambda functions and analyzing data in Elastic MapReduce. They support downloading and installing a local version of the database for development which allows developers to test without worrying about being charged.

Simple Setup: Sass with NPM

SASS is a tool built with Ruby that allows you to write CSS more simply with variable support and with an arguably nicer syntax. SASS stands for ‘Syntactically Awesome cSS’. The bare minimum SASS setup is actually to run it on Ruby and you can find out how on their website. Requirements Node and NPM. I'm using NPM(3.10.3) and Node(6.4.0) Setup Install node-sass npm install -g node-sass Create a SASS file to compile to CSS $width: 460 $height: 250 body background-color: #37474F .