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TDD Chess

I was working on a learning project to create a chess game with Javascript and figured out a way to get stuff done in a fun way with TDD. Just wanted to throw together a post of what I've found. First off my Spellbook of choice for Unit Test Wizardry is Jasmine. I think it had pretty good syntax about a year ago so it's what I seem to gravitate toward.

Testing with Karma and Wallaby

I've recently been spending some time trying to improve my development techniques and one area I've been focusing on improving on is my testing practices. It isn't obvious to new programmers as to why you might want to start testing your code. After all, if you can test out something that you've written that works shouldn't it always work? Code can usually be assumed to be deterministic right? While that's generally true with small programs, scripts, and school projects, it doesn't hold up when it comes to larger programs and software.