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Automating Static Site Deploys to S3

Amazon's AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) is amazing. With just a few simple steps it's easy to deploy a SSL secured website. This blog is a Hugo static site hosted on S3 and I regularly update the site when I make new content. Over time the upload process has become a burden: First I compile the production version of my website Then I login to my AWS account and go to the S3 bucket selection to get to my ‘benhofferber.

No Javascript on the Web

Being a web developer seems to be increasingly popular as we reach “critical web” where creating a website is a introductory activity for many. Entry Level Bootcamps mostly teach students to become web developers. The considerations when developing are vast and confusing for even experienced developers to traverse. One consideration involves the use of Javascript entirely. Or, should I say, it's abandonment. No Javascript Web Many have adopted the concept that websites should render without enabling Javascript.