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Complete Clutter #3

It's been a little while since I've done one of these. Complete Clutter is a collection of links, videos, etc. that I'd like to share. I'd also like to keep them for later and the permanence of a blog post appeals to me. Web API Design - Crafting Interfaces that Developers Love First up, I'd like to share this API design guide. My colleague, Jeff, shared this and I've found a lot of value here.

Complete Clutter #2

Migrate to AWS - Make a static website using S3, Cloudfront and Route 53 by Lambros Petrou If you've been following this blog closely you'll probably remember that recently the CSS dropped out and the whole site basically couldn't be reached for a short moment. This was because I was transitioning from a S3 hosted static blog to a CloudFront-served S3 static blog. The main reason for this change was to support HTTPS and handle rerouting to HTTPS from HTTP automatically.

Complete Clutter #1

As a throwback to Michael Kohl @, I thought I'd start posting a series of links that were interesting to me every so often. Also, I think it's fitting to call such a collection of links “Complete Clutter” from the Cluttered Programmer. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post this sort of list, but I figured it would be worth posting to from time to time.