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What are Serverless Architectures?

Serverless Architectures are probably the coolest technology I’ve seen in the last few years. I think that these architectures will make huge strides in scalability, efficiency, and performance of applications. If you haven’t heard of serverless before, let’s first start with a definition: My definition: Building, customizing, and deploying services to production without maintaining servers. Industry definition: There are two different meanings: BaaS (Backend as a Service) and FaaS (Functions as a Service).

Using Babel in 2017

The JavaScript environment has been changing rapidly in recent years. As new frameworks and technologies draw more developers to JavaScript, those professionals find ways to improve the language. These rapid changes are difficult for browsers and standards to keep up with. This adaption time leads developers to implement language features that can compile back to the core language without having to wait for standards to catch up. The most widely supported version of JavaScript is the ECMAScript 5 (ES5) standard.

Automating Static Site Deploys to S3

Amazon’s AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) is amazing. With just a few simple steps it’s easy to deploy a SSL secured website. This blog is a Hugo static site hosted on S3 and I regularly update the site when I make new content. Over time the upload process has become a burden: First I compile the production version of my website Then I login to my AWS account and go to the S3 bucket selection to get to my ‘benhofferber.

Complete Clutter #3

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these. Complete Clutter is a collection of links, videos, etc. that I’d like to share. I’d also like to keep them for later and the permanence of a blog post appeals to me. Web API Design - Crafting Interfaces that Developers Love First up, I’d like to share this API design guide. My colleague, Jeff, shared this and I’ve found a lot of value here.

What I learned from five months on the Slow Carb diet

Tim Ferriss promotes a diet called the “Slow Carb” where participants cut out sugars and carbohydrate heavy foods. Dairy products are also off the table. Instead the focus is on eating three types of foods: meats, greens, and beans. There are some exceptions to the rules like a glass of dry red wine which make the diet more tolerable. Slow carb features a “cheat day” when any food is fair game for 24 hours.

No Javascript on the Web

Being a web developer seems to be increasingly popular as we reach “critical web” where creating a website is a introductory activity for many. Entry Level Bootcamps mostly teach students to become web developers. The considerations when developing are vast and confusing for even experienced developers to traverse. One consideration involves the use of Javascript entirely. Or, should I say, it’s abandonment. No Javascript Web Many have adopted the concept that websites should render without enabling Javascript.

Logic Eludes Javascript Frameworks

I’ve recently been unfortunate enough to work on the impending migration away from AngularJS toward the new Angular. Eventually AngularJS will be officially deprecated by the Angular team once Angular 2+ overtakes its predecessor. When that happens, security vulnerabilities may keep AngularJS from being used in production apps. This means now is the time to get out! I’ve recently been learning Angular with TypeScript and just want to say I really hate every single build system I’ve seen thus far.

Effective Endpoint Design Techniques

I’ve recently come across some pretty effective concepts surrounding the design of endpoints. My career has been focused on backend server code recently where I’ve needed to create, extend, and refactor endpoints. I’d now like to share what I’ve discovered along the way that has made my endpoint code more maintainable, testable, and performant. I’ll be using a little bit of ES6 style NodeJS code with Express syntax to explain my points.

First Time Code Camp Presenter

I recently had the opportunity to give a talk on using the Serverless framework to spin up low cost and scalable websites and applications. The talk was hosted by the Boise Code Camp and their hosting was great. They provided tasty refreshments, held the event in a large venue, and offered excellent support for my talk. I really appreciated the opportunity to talk and hope that I’ll have something prepared when next year rolls around.

Simple Setup: DynamoDB with NodeJS

DynamoDB is a NoSQL Document Key-Value Database hosted by AWS. They offer to serve their database as a scalable cloud solution offloading the work of maintaining a database from developers. DynamoDB also features many integrations with other elements of the AWS stack like triggering Lambda functions and analyzing data in Elastic MapReduce. They support downloading and installing a local version of the database for development which allows developers to test without worrying about being charged.

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